Night Circus LogoCalling all kinky artists, dancers, and artisans:

Tethered’s Opening Ceremonies and Art Show are Friday night, 7-8 PM, and this year the theme is Night Circus. If you have an idea for a photography piece, other 2D work, sculpture, installation, craftsmanship piece, digital, or experimental performance art we want to hear it!

(Btw, all performance art pieces should be ambient, aka not for a stage and at least a little avante-garde. Example: an interactive piece where participants create a prompt and the performer moves to interpret it.  ALSO, artwork/performances very much do NOT require rope to be involved.)

New this year: There will be a themed section of this year’s art show, complete with prizes!  The theme this year is “The Night Circus.” Exploration of this theme is flexible, because we’re excited to see what you can do! Pieces can range from straight interpretation to something more evocative.

Opening Ceremonies pieces must be set up and ready for viewing by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 13th. If you feel like you fit the bill please fill out an application by visiting this link!

Our Collaborative Art Installations are a one-of-a-kind feature to Tethered Together. Anyone can propose a piece of art to work on with collaborators of your choice, or open it up to the public for creative ideas and fun beforehand or once on the ground throughout the weekend.

The sky’s the limit as to content and creativity here, but space is limited. Apply by Feb 29th, 2020.

The sooner you get your apps in, the sooner we get started on finding a fit for you and your art!


Please contact Joy at