Each year Tethered Together hosts a gallery of art inspired by rope, kink, sexuality, and romance in a variety of mediums. To keep the focus on the Tethered Together community, participants must be attending Tethered Together to participate.

When: Art will be exhibited on the Mezzanine of the hotel from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon.

Art Drop Off
Art pieces can be dropped off at the Art Show Desk Friday between 3pm and 7pm, near the top of the escalators on the Mezzanine.

Art Pick Up
Unsold art pieces must be picked up between 4pm and 8pm on Sunday. After 8pm, any unretrieved pieces will be added to the Tethered Lost and found. We will make an attempt to reach out to you, but pieces unclaimed on Monday will be discarded.

Sale of Art Pieces
You may list a price for each piece. Sales will be handled by the Tethered Merchandise Desk and paid out through Venmo or Paypal at the end of the event. If your art sells, you will receive 100% of the sale. You as the seller are responsible for any sales tax or other fees you incur by selling your items.

You may not offer more than 5 pieces for sale. If you would like to have more than 5 pieces for sale, please contact the Tethered Together Vendor Coordinator about becoming a vendor.

Please Note
Art will be left unattended at some times during the weekend. Tethered Together, staff, volunteers, and other associated entities are not responsible for your art should it be damaged, lost, or stolen.