March 2020 – We’re Returning to Rhode Island

Won’t you join us?

Not sure? Here’s What Some of Our Magical Attendees Had to Say About 2019

“Just wanted to say the whole con was fabulous! Great job and thank you for woman-handling on this monumental undertaking! I especially enjoyed the diversity of classes that spanned beyond rope itself. The app also made every aspect of this con particularly easy to navigate. Can’t wait to come back next year!!!”
“The art show was really fun, and the chocolate fountain was a great surprise treat!”
“Excellent!  Great idea — fresh and new experience at a con.  All the performances were good.  The plus sized rope performance really stole the show — both touching and inspiring.  Amazing that someone was willing to show such vulnerability in that forum.  I think it moved my plus sized partner from “suspension isn’t for me” to “I’m willing to try it” — thank you!”
“Another BRILLIANT addition! One more time, with feeling. THANK YOU Where do I comment on the decor, the open use equipment for riffing publicly, the freakin’ UNICORNS!?! Again, thanks.”

2019 Review

March 2019 we debuted our first Tethered Together with over 550 attendees, 100 presenters & performers, and more volunteers than we could have hoped for.  We hope that we have delighted you, and that you will return to see us again this March 13 – 16, 2020.

During May & June will will be releasing our timeline of ticketing, applications, and more so please stay tuned.  An easy way to keep up with us is by joining our mailing list right here: Mailing List

Thank you for your love & support.  We cannot wait to make 2020 the best year yet.