Maintaining Connection & Intention Even in Suspension

Belle & JenRand

Friday March 15, 2019 2pm – 7pm

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Belle- doesn’t have a specific style of bondage but most of what she does is based on the Japanese style of bondage. Her goals are to create manageable pain for my bottoms and to create an experience that both enjoy, meaning that the type of rope she does at any given time is highly dependent on the person that she is tying. She really enjoys doing both structured ties and unstructured or informal ties, again, dependent on the goals of the scene. Her style of presentation is to have as much interactive time as possible and for the participants share their experience and bring their knowledge to the class. She tends to prefer leading workshop-style classes where the students learn the concept through a series of progressive activities designed to get them to think about their own tying. The goal is to teach them something that they can apply to their own scenes and their own styles.

JenRand has been involved in the lifestyle for 20 years. Since then, she has explored her physical and emotional masochism and submission by serving in several power-dynamic focused households. Jen has also been involved in organizing, volunteering, and educating at lifestyle events locally and internationally. Jen has bottomed for rope for the past six years, and is honored to have modeled for classes, workshops and performances with several talented riggers. She particularly enjoys challenging suspensions, purposeful pain, and helping to create cohesively quiet transforming scenes with her two wonderful rope partners!

Overall description:

Students will learn how to turn their technical skills of suspension into mutually fulfilling forms of play. Focus will be placed on working within the students’ personal rope styles. Students will improve their negotiation and communication skills, their rope handling, and how to manipulate the body and suspension lines to play with their partner.

Pre-requisites: Previous suspension experience from both partners, a stable chest harness tied in under 5 minutes, a stable hip harness tied in under 5 minutes, and knowledge of at least one type of suspension line

Required materials: 8+ hanks of suspension worthy rope (hemp, jute, nylon, mfp), suspension ring and 3-4 carabiners OR rigging plate with 6+ carabiners OR 6+ carabiners, webbing or extra rope for hanging the hard point

General schedule:

Negotiation and Communication: Connecting on the ground – 0:45

Discussion: Students will learn how to discuss not only safety and limitations during a scene but how to ask for what they want from the play whether that is a physical or emotional sensation from both the bottom and top perspective.

This section is required for participation in the rest of the workshop.

Rope handling and suspension line management – 1:30

Hands on: Students will improve their suspension line management and rope handling. They will also learn how rope handling relates to creating and maintaining the intensity of a scene.

Break – 0:30

Dealing with problems as play – 0:30

Discussion: Students will learn how to manage problems that commonly arise during play without having to end the scene leaving people feeling unfulfilled.

Body manipulation and suspension line play – 1:30

Hands-on: Students will learn how to move from lifting the body into the air mechanically to using body manipulation as a form of play to lift and move people in the air. Students will also learn how to manipulate suspension lines as a form of play. This may or may not include transitions depending on the skill level of attendees.

Wrap-up – 0:15

Discussion: Wrap-up and summary of main concepts of the day