Below is information from our FALL 2020 Event

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Class NameLevelTypeDescriptionPresenterCo-PresenterBringPrereq
I Still Suck at Poly (Poly 301)Intermediate/AdvancedLectureThis class is a discussion-based class focused on more lessons that come with being in polyamorous relationships. Poly can be hard for everyone involved, and while it can come with a lot of joy (no pun indeed) and happiness, the learning attached to it can come with pain as well. In this class, Ode2Joy will share some of her further learned lessons through her poly experiences and engage the class in order to facilitate sharing of their own learned lessons for the benefit of all attending. Handouts included.Ode2JoyBDSLRnon-collapsing single column ties, rope suspension knowledge and practice. This shouldn’t be your first suspension class.
Lief’s Hug Harness: A Hands in Front HarnessSuspension: IntermediateDemoDo you need an alternative to a TK that may be more sustainable? Lief has developed a load barring, suspendable arms in front chest harness that is perfect for those who want the structure of a TK but have chronic shoulder or wrist issues with arms behind positioning. This harness can be loaded from the front, back, or side and will be taught with adaptations to fit multiple body types. In this class Lief will do a step by step instruction on how to tie this harness. Then we will have the option to test it out in the air or just stay on the ground to tie. This harness is perfect for someone who wants to expand their repertoire or needs an alternative to a more traditional harness. At the end of this class you will have a new skill in your pocket to take with you on your rope journey!Lief BoundIcarusRope - 8 to 12 hanks of jute or hemp. All suspension gear needed to create a point and uplines including suspension ring, climbing straps, and carabiners.
Cutting Tool - Make sure you bring a cutting tool for safety. We will be checking at the beginning of class to make sure everyone has one. If you do not have a cutting tool, you will not be able to participate in the exercises. DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITHOUT THIS.
Leading transitions: Top, Bottom, & GravitySuspension: IntermediateDemoA particular set of transitions in suspension can evoke very different experiences depending on who leads the movement. While the Top is always involved, they don't always need to be the one expending the majority of the effort. There are a wide variety of transitions which hinge instead on agency or effort from the Bottom and others that rely on simply letting gravity do the work for both of you. This class will introduce a short transition sequence and explore how it can create very different scenes depending on what decisions you make in each move. It will discuss and demonstrate top-led, bottom-led, and gravity led transitions and demonstrate ways to swap one for the other.

This will be formatted as a demo, but we will likely have time at the end for any sufficiently experienced attendees to workshop these ideas together with us if they desire.
BeyonderApterousA willingness to try new things and good communication with your partner.To get the most out of this demo we recommend already be familiar and practiced with static suspensions. Having some light transition experience will help but isn't necessary. We recommend this experience level for both the bottom AND the top.
Deep Dive into Single ColumnsRope: BeginnerHands - onSingle Columns! They are pretty much everybody's first official Shibari tie. There are dozens of options out there, each of which is uniquely suited to (or a remarkably poor choice for) any given use.

There are a lot of considerations which inform my choices and which have narrowed my regular rotation to 3-4 SC’s. NOTE: This class is NOT trying to determine the greatest SC of all time. Some ties will be solid, all-around useful options and others may serve one very specific purpose. There are no right or wrong answers here- but there are lots of WHY’S to discuss. We all have different priorities and the goal here is to make informed choices!
Willow (Whomp)3+ pieces of rope. Shorties (~15") are great, but any length is fine.Some experience with SC ties is helpful, but no specific knowledge is needed.
A Lazy Rigger's Guide to TearsRope: Advanced BeginnerHands - onTorture rope does not have to be hard, sweaty, or complicated (for the rigger). After a review of safety, we will show three basic elements that can be used to bring tears and pain. We will include a positional sequence that requires minimal effort and yields lots of hurt.Nevertheless12cats3-5 8 meter pieces of rope, notebook and pen/pencilnone for floor work, chest harness and how to secure an upline for positional sequence
Different types of Connection in rope: A taster For EveryoneHands - onWant your rope to be more lighthearted, dominant or mean? This class will cover several different ways to approach rope handling with tricks you’ll be able to repeat with your partner(s) or as you self tie after this class. Willow and Ruby will spend time covering sadistic rope, improv/silly rope and dominant rope as well as how you can adapt movements to better suit your bodies abilities. This class will be hands on, leaving plenty of time to practice what you’ve learned! Class is accessible to those who self tie, tying partners are recommended. This material is designed for all body types, physical abilities and rope skill levels- all are welcome and encouraged to attend.WillowRubyWe recommend bringing rope bundles of several different lengths and a safety cutting tool.Open to all levels. This will be a very hands on class- attend with a partner or if you self tie, you might have to make adjustments to tying (all completely doable).
Flow, Tension, and LockoffsRope: IntermediateDemoLooking for ways to work on your rope flow? Having issues with keeping your synthetics in line, in place, and locked off? Come learn some drills and tips that may help clean up your techniques and strengthen your skill set.Lubegirl3+ Hanks of Rope & Cutting Tool if they'd like to participate
Notebook/Writing utensil to take notes
Students should be able to do a single column and both natural and Synthetic ropes are welcome in this class.
Nonmonogamy 101: Polyamory, Cuckolding, Swinging Oh My!For EveryoneLectureIn this class, we'll cover nonmonogamous relationship styles (and how to choose what's best for you), jealousy (the good, the bad, and the ugly), communication (and negotiating your communication needs), scheduling (including downtime), dating (Where do I find?) and more, giving a solid foundation in what being in a nonmonogamous relationship means and how to make it through with love and laughter. I’ll also encourage interaction and questions from attendees.Nookie NotesNotebook and pen
Choreographic Toolbox for Rope PerformanceFor EveryoneHands-onDynamic and memorable rope performance is not a mystery and there are other disciplines we can borrow great ideas from. In this class, we will learn how basic choreographic concepts and tactics borrowed from dance make designing and performing rope smoother and more successful. We will review how to choose and discuss music, how to design shape and movement to convey a concept, how to choreograph quickly, and how to rehearse effectively. This class is a combination of lecture, discussion, and hands on exercises. This class is ideally for tying pairs and self-suspenders, although individual tops and bottoms are welcome to audit and participate as much as possible.OubliettaComfortable clothes and a notebook.Tying pairs should be willing to work within their skill set.
The 4 S' of PredicamentsSuspension: AdvancedHands - onWe will go over parts of the predicaments and how to create a tie that can be held for 30 mins to an hour and a half. We will show 3 different predicaments for the classes to recreate and take home to play with and make their own. As always with our classes best practices for rope and consent will be gone over.worldsokayestropebunnyGentleeBrutalRope kit
Ring,plate, ect...
Safety shears
People tying, single column, double column, chest harness, hair rope. Able to read faces and body launauge. Solid lock offs.
People getting tied, able to communicate through a stressful tie and good body awarness
Chair danceFor EveryoneHands - onLearn a sultry chair dance routine to perform for a partner or just for fun! Class will include a warm up with floorwork, a fun choreo with a chair, and finish with a short stretch. All skill levels welcome. Please wear leggings or socks that cover the knees for floorwork, and have a scarf, boa, or tie for choreo. Heels optional!Sara Without an Ha chair
Vinyasa FlowFor EveryoneVinyasa Flow, a style of yoga where poses are synchronized with breath and flow together to become like a dance. This class is suitable for interested people of all skill levels and will include variations of Ashtanga Sun Salutations A, B ,C , Yang poses to build strength and endurance, and Yin poses for flexibility.Magnolia
Rope 101Rope: BeginnerHands - onNew to rope? Think you’re ready to start tying? Then this class is for you. Starting at the Beginning is made for people just walking into the rope community. We will discuss rope types, basic safety, tensions, knots, connecting rope, and teaching a basic single and double column. Knowing the fundamentals is what makes for a strong foundation in bondage. There are no requirements for this class…. Don’t have rope? Not a problem, I will have plenty to share. Don’t have a partner? Also not a problem, everything can be practiced on yourself or even a chair.

There will not be any kind of suspension in this class.
Miss Acacia
Ankles, Foot Tacos and the Zero Gravity SlipperRope Suspension: AdvancedHands - onMost people's suspension repertoires include ankle cuffs and gravity boots. We expand this repertoire by discussing precision nuances of ankle cuffs, suspendable foot tacos and introducing Zero-Gi's Zero Gravity slipper. The slipper has been tested on a diversity of bodies with synthetics and natural fibers, and has an intensity level between ankle cuffs and foot tacos but provides more stability than the former and more safeguards than the latter. Risks and safety are discussed and the class, which is informed by Zero-Gi and Sam Jay's unique experiences with a single toe suspension and regular use of dropping into foot taco only suspensions, as well as by Zero-Gi's daily experiments as a self-suspender. This class is for advanced rope people only although all levels may observe. Zero - Gsamjay
Circus of DreamsEvening EventAscend into a divine dream as Tethered Together combines aerial acrobatics, dance, and avant-garde performance rope in our entirely live Saturday night show! Hosted by Shay, this kinky carnival features Oublietta, Innocent Ally, Zero-Gi & Sam Jay, Sara without an H, and more TBA. Join us online for a spectacle sure to dazzle and delight!Shay
Rope Bottoms SocialSocialRope Bottoms' Social is an opportunity for bottoms to meet other bottoms, connect, and discuss all things rope! Come share your successes and challenges in your rope bottoming journey. We are stronger, safer, and more fun with shared knowledge and experiences.March
POC & Rope SocialSocial
Ever wish you could connect and hang out with other people of color who love rope? Are you a fan of your rope community but still find yourself wishing there was more racial diversity in the scene? Join us virtually this November!! This mixer is focused on centering conversations and experiences of people of color, as many of us experience tokenism, fetishization and underrepresentation both in the wider kink community and within the rope community as well.
Who are People of color (POC)?*
People of Color…
-are visible non-white individuals; and/or
-have 1 or more parents who are visible minorities (sometimes called mixed race); and/or
- have the lived experience of systemic oppression based on race, ethnicity, culture, mother tongue, place of origin, or heritage (have experienced social or systemic forms of racism).
If you meet one or more of the characteristics listed above, you are welcome to attend and fully participate! To maintain a space where attendees feel safe discussing sensitive topics of racial inequality, this event will be limited to people of color attendees only.
This event formed by
*Phrasing for this description is largely inspired by Voxbody’s Kinky Colorful Conscious event description and is used with permission from the event organizers (Blue & IvyLimeux). This event is created and facilitated by a biracial, kinkster (Willow_Howls) with the support of allies from Tethered Together.
WIllow Howls
Strengthening Connection: Creating Your D/s Protocol ManualThis Class is For EveryoneDiscussionAs a connection rooted in dominance and submission grows, both parties learn one another's strengths, preferences, and desires. Are you ready to take your connection to the next level? In this class you will learn how to create a D/s Protocol Manual, an outline of Owner/Mistress/Master preferences and guidance for their owned-beloved, which dictate how the connection can be honored fully through service, everyday gestures, high protocol, and more. Appropriate for D/s players of any configuration whether brand new, sometimes on, or life long 24/7, this class will share Athena's protocols developed with Her pets (both written and unwritten versions!) and allow you time to begin creating the building blocks of your own Manifest for ritualizing and honoring your kinky connection.Athena KaliIcarusn/an/a
Fun With WhipsThis Class is For EveryoneHands-onWhip throwing doesn't just have to be for the experts! In this class you'll learn fun ways to get you up and whipping in record time. Learn easy techniques that focus on safety but most of all, FUN!PrettySubFemaleDominoa whip if you have one!n/a
Playful RopeBeginner - Advanced BeginnerHands-onJoin WorldsOkayestRopeBunny and GentleeBrutal as they guide you through a series of ties that are sure to add some playful vibes to your repertoire. From setting the scene up to be playful through the actual ties, you will learn various methods to enhance the silly of your ropey time. The ties covered in this class will be arm futomotos, leg futomotos, bunny ears, calf binder, face tie, and toy attachment tie.
Bring: Someone to tie with, or something to tie, self-tying welcome, rope, and something to take notes with.
WorldsOkayestRopeBunny GentleeBrutal3 hanks of ropen/a
Squishy Rope SocialSocialEver feel like you don’t see enough representation of fat bodies in rope? Feel frustrated when you attempt a class or tutorial, only to realize you can’t reach, ties don’t work for your body or the rope is just a bit too short? Come (virtually) hang out with other squishy rope enthusiasts, share advice and talk with others about tying squishy bodies and adapting ties to make them work for fat bodies. Come with questions or things you’d like to discuss! Sharing your own tips is encouraged.
This social is open to rope folks of all genders, bodies, and skill levels. You do not have to identify as fat to attend, but the organizer has reclaimed this term for themself. The format of this is a social/skill share; and not a class. Please come with questions and be ready to engage with others.
Pet & Toy Show & Tell SocialSocialCreatures, things, and human pets & toys welcome!
Futomoto Variety PackIntermediate
Hands-onThis class teaches a variety of different ties for binding a bent leg that often called a futomomo. The class breaks down the different features of these several ties and relative suitability of these different ties for different applications, attachment points, and body positions on the ground or in full or partial suspension, as well as for different bodies, abilities and limitations, preferences, and sensitivities. Participants will learn ties for attaching suspension lines to the inside, the outside, and/or on both sides of the bent leg. Participants will learn ties that concentrate the load on different areas of the leg. Most important, class will address how bottoms and tops can attend to and adjust that pressure so as to have a more sustainable, more comfortable (or at least less uncomfortable!) futomomo suspension.
Prerequisites: Somerville bowline single-column tie, square knot, munter hitch, prior experience tying any sort of rope harness.
Note: Suspension experience is helpful but not required. Participants are welcome either to tie with a partner or to self-tie.
Parker Ropeboiat least 2-3 lengths of rope (lengths & number of ropes depending on size & preferences of the person being tied); a cutting tool for safetyParticipants must have facility with rope-handling techniques, controlling tension, attaching a new rope, square knot, half-hitch, single-column ties (e.g. Somerville Bowline, etc.), a basic arms-free chest harness (any type).
Polyamory Support GroupEveryone DiscussionWhen you’re in more than one relationship, you need more than one type of support!
Join Ode2Joy for a polyamorous support group, where she will facilitate discussion and also bring her own knowledge and experiences, especially in regards to polyamorous induced trauma or anxiety. All are welcome. Topics or questions are welcome in advance via DM on Instagram (joyfulode2) or Fetlife (Ode2Joy).