Event Engineer Ozma

Ozma, short for Ozma of Oz by L. Frank Baum, is a community organization enthusiast whose adventures in public kink started in the year 2000 when she walked into her first munch. She put pen to waiver just slightly after her 18th birthday and over the years has both observed and participated in the evolution of BDSM in the public eye and open internet with experiences ranging from tearful pride to open horror and back again.

A scientist by trade and helpful facilitator by nature, she discovered a great deal about herself through her involvement in developing and designing the ROPECRAFT event and has served as their Registratrix, Hotel Liaison, Mistress of Data and Assistant Director over the years while also streamlining the GRUE process. She also found that the vast moving parts, careful budgeting, and detail work of event planning fits her analytical skills and technical expertise but didn’t require her to wear pants or leave her home most days.

That has suited her just fine as she carefully blends her exciting professional life with the quiet joys of parenthood home in Kansas with her high school sweetheart.

Ozma quietly holds strong convictions about power and the responsibilities that come with leadership and works to uphold those ideals with humility in all of her projects. You’ll often find her in her natural habitat (buried in spreadsheets), listening and learning to more effectively meet the needs of her community, and/or walking quickly holding a hot cup of coffee.

She firmly believes that the practices of kink and involvement in alternative lifestyle communities can enrich our lives and that community is intentional and is worth the work we put into creating inclusive, welcoming, supported and supportive spaces.