Peer Support at Tethered Together

In an effort to provide support for the unique needs of our community, Tethered Together will be assisted by a Peer Support Team.  The PST is comprised of a group of community members with a background in trauma-informed response, counseling, and advocacy. Team members have volunteered to serve as listening ears for attendees in need.  Peer Support Team members can be contacted at any time via a staff member, DM, or volunteer.  

The Peer Support Team can also help attendees to file an incident report, discuss the available options for continued support, and be a non-judgmental listener. 

If you want to get in touch with a Peer Support volunteer – please find a staff member or ask at the information booth.  You do not need to share why you would like to speak with the volunteer. If you should need support between 2am – 8am, please ask the hotel to phone the on-call Peer Support Team member. They will meet you to assist.