Interested in presenting at Tethered?

Presenter Application and Information 2024

You’re in luck. There’s a form for that right here!

Our event runs March 1 – March 4, 2024 at the Hilton Stamford Hotel in Stamford, CT. Our event is kink-positive, sex-positive and inclusive of all genders and identities. Our main educational focus is rope bondage, but we are also looking for classes and activities in circus arts, kink topics, relationships, and body movement such as dance and yoga!

The Deadline is Saturday November 18th, 2023. We tend to accept presenters on a rolling bases depending on the needs of the event.

We will notify you by late December about your application’s status, if not before. If you need to update any of your information or your circumstances change, please let us know by email to [email protected]

Tethered Together keeps ticket prices low by being thoughtful about compensation.  Please read this carefully.

We have had to regulate our compensation a bit more for 2024 due to the logistical nightmare of presenter guest registrations.  Please read this closely to familiarize yourself with the new approach. 


If I apply to present, should I still purchase a ticket prior to hearing if I am accepted? 

We REALLY prefer that you do not purchase a ticket prior to being selected/not selected to present.  If you choose to purchase a ticket prior to getting a teaching spot, you will be refunded within 10 business days from the time you re-register using your presenter discount code. If you do not purchase a ticket, and you end up not being selected to teach, we are happy to provide a discount code for you to register for the event at the regular rate – prior to the event selling out.

Will you cover my lodging and travel expenses? 

If you are teaching less than (3) 90 minute classes, it is unlikely that we will be covering your lodging or travel.  We attempt to make the event affordable for presenters by paying per class taught, and for providing entry to the convention.

If you are a ‘full-time’ presenter, you would be teaching at least (3) 90 minute classes and we will work with you to accommodate your expenses.


All Presenters (within reason) teaching at least (1) 90 minute class are provided with:

(1) Entry to the convention – this is in total, not per class.

For each 90 minute class taught:

For each 90 minute class taught, $75 is provided as an honorarium.  This is per/class not per/presenter. Thank you for understanding.

All Facilitators who are hosting a lounge, meet-up, social activity are provided with:

(1) entry to the convention, in total, not per event.

For each event hosted:

$50 is provided as the honorarium. This per event, not per person hosting each event. Thank you for understanding.


Generally, presenters who teach 3 or more classes are helped with the cost of lodging at the host hotel.

Our standard model is:

Providing 1.5 nights for presenters.  You will have the option to share with another presenter and have a free room for 3 nights, or room with someone you pick and we can cover your half of 3 nights. If you are opting to lodging with a friend instead of a presenter, you should book the room, and we will add the cost of 1.5 hotel nights to your honorarium. If you will stay with another presenter, we will book the room for you! Please tell us!


Our performers are not part of this structure and can learn about their honorariums from the person organizing performances, Shay. Performer applications will go live around January 2024.


*  If you are teaching classes by yourself, and you would like an important human to be with you – we are happy to provide you the second code for that person.  We are trying to avoid issuing codes, then canceling codes, then issuing codes if you keep changing who that ticket goes to.  We are just asking that you keep it simple for our sake!