Presenter applications for Tethered Together 2019 are now live!  

We are looking for a range of presenters from our local community and beyond. Tethered Together is an event focused on rope bondage, circus arts, kink, dance, and relationships. We are interested in 90 minute classes and fun social events/mixers/lounges.  We will have a separate application for performers coming soon.

-Standard Compensation-

In general, folks selected to present will receive a comped ticket to the event and parties for themselves and their co-presenter/demo bottom/guest, and 75 dollars per class taught.  If the class is taught by two people, the honorarium should be divided equitably. We trust you to figure out whatever that looks like to you and let us know.

As this is our first year of operation and our personal goals are, in order of importance, 1. Establish an inclusive, welcoming and high quality new rope and kink event, 2. Not go personally bankrupt and lose our houses so we can do this again next year, we will only be able to cover travel expenses for a few presenters who are traveling from far away.  We are actively seeking sponsors for presenter travel so we can take what we have and go further. If you know someone who would like to sponsor your travel or travel generally, please let us know and we’ll get them set up with our gratitude and some perks!

The application includes space to list a co-presenter or demo top/bottom.  It is essential that we know who you are planning on teaching with so that we can properly vet all presenters. If your co-teacher is not proposing any stand alone classes they do not have to fill out a seperate application.

We’ll ask you to propose specific classes that you’d like to teach for us, but it’s not out of the question that we may contact you with other or additional requests. We’ll also ask you a few questions about consent and conduct because Tethered Together is an event where differences are celebrated and respect is expected and we need our presenters and event staff to lead by example.

We can’t wait to hear about your ideas and look forward to meeting many of you next March!

Love and sparkles,

  Skyla and Ozma