Event Engineer Skyla

Skyla is your friendly neighborhood mermaid. Throughout her time in the scene, she has been involved with many organizations and events. A common theme for her throughout her event planning life, is a love for making people feel included and that they matter. Skyla plans events and engineers learning experiences in her vanilla & kinky life.

She got her start in kinky event planning with the New England Dungeon Society as Secretary and Events Chair for 2 years. She planned parties, workshops, and social outings. One of her favorite roles was running new member orientation, helping people feel  welcome and demystifying new situations is what she lives for.

Skyla went on to serve as the Volunteer Coordinator for Dark Odyssey (Summer Camp, Fusion & Winter Fire) and the Ion Coordinator (Fusion and Summer Camp) for 3 years.  She redesigned the entire volunteer program from the ground up, laying the groundwork for more appreciation for volunteers, compensation that was equitable, and dynamic spreadsheets to tie it all together.  She has been a volunteer for Bound in Boston since 2012, serving on the staff and consent team for a handful of years.  In the con’s final year, Skyla served as the co-producer and programming coordinator. In addition to her official roles, she created & designed the program booklet and developed & delivered an entirely online consent response training for the consent team.

When she isn’t behind the scenes at events, she enjoys rope (tying and being tied), being a cat lady, reading true-crime novels, dancing (especially with her flow wand), and drinking the largest iced coffee available.

Skyla loves meeting new people, so please introduce yourself if you see her!